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Big sale!

40% off quilts, fleece, and handmade gifts in my #etsy shop! Get one now before they are gone! #quilt #knitting #babygift


New pattern, new class

Been working on a new class for @yarnasylum … This is the first test knit for Katelyn’s baby sweater, for two of my students who will ‘graduate’ with their knitting degree after this project! This is the 6 month size. The class will teach I-cord bind off, stranded knitting, and top down sweaters, among other fun things! Go to and message for more info! The pattern will be available by the end of February!

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Christmas present…

From my daughter’s idea to an IPad drawing to a finished quilt… we made a gift for my son-in-law for Christmas. Amanda crocheted the leaves and I did the quilt (first time in this style, so please forgive the errors). Garth loves it! Some of the yarn and a lot of support from @yarnasylum

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Don’t forget, today at 10 am, @yarnasylum is having a one hour knitting refresher with this coffee cup sleeve! Only one hour of your Saturday, and the class is free when you buy the yarn of your choice this morning. These make quick, cute Christmas gifts!😀

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From GG with Love…

This is GG’s bear and a part of my timeline now. @yarnasylum got a call from Errin — her mother-in-law had purchased yarn to knit a bear for her great grandson months before he was born. GG (Great Grandma) got to hold little Rhett, and was soon after was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Would someone be able to knit the bear like GG had planned? I’m a sucker for a love story, especially a grandma love story. I finished the bear last weekend and met Errin today to give it to her. She surprised me by having Rhett there. If I had asked God for my dream response from this little cutie, it would not have measured up to how wonderful it was! I think he know that the bear is full of GG’s hugs and love, and I think GG was watching the whole scene play out today. I am wonderfully blessed to be a part of this story and to have my new friend. Rhett has a new babysitter if he needs one, too!

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